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About our Name.

At StrataNorth, our name carries significant meaning, reflecting our approach and aspirations. The word “Strata” originates from the Latin term for layers of rock, symbolizing our consulting philosophy. We work closely with our clients to uncover the underlying layers of their businesses, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their needs. By doing so, we lay a more solid foundation that paves the way for future growth and success.


Moreover, “Strata” also resonates with “stratosphere,” aligning with our ambitious mindset. It evokes the idea of reaching new heights and signifies our strategic approach. Strategy is at the core of what we do, helping our clients navigate the ever-changing business landscape with clarity and purpose.


The inclusion of “North” in our name represents upward movement, achievement, and the aspiration to reach the pinnacle of success. It draws inspiration from the image of a majestic mountain, symbolizing our commitment to helping our clients ascend to new heights. Our branding prominently features mountains, reflecting this metaphor and reinforcing our dedication to guiding organizations toward their goals.

Furthermore, “North” carries the connotation of the right or guiding direction, mirroring our role as trusted advisors. We strive to provide strategic counsel and actionable insights that propel our clients forward, ensuring they make informed decisions that lead to upward progress.


Our compass arrow logo, initially designed as a compass-style arrow pointing straight up, underwent a transformation in 2021. The redesigned logo features the arrow pointing true north, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to guiding our clients toward success. The slight tilt to the right, affectionately known as the ‘party hat’ logo, represents our dynamic and forward-thinking approach.


On a memorable Friday, March 16, 2018, two like-minded professionals met at a charming diner in Watertown, Massachusetts. As they gathered around the table, savoring the delightful combination of coffee, eggs, and sausage links, little did they know that their casual meetup would mark the inception of a transformative journey. As they shared stories of their diverse consulting engagements and rekindled their connection, an extraordinary idea sprouted amidst the vibrant atmosphere: “Why not start a consulting business together?” This serendipitous encounter, affectionately dubbed the Meeting of the Minds and Feeding of the Tummies, sparked a flame that would change their lives forever.


A few days later, through an enthusiastic chat exchange, they questioned each other’s sincerity about the business idea. Although they lacked a definitive name or a fully formed business goal, they embraced the endeavor with great enthusiasm, affectionately labeling it “Idea 111.” This temporary moniker, inspired by one of Mario’s countless brainchild ideas that resonated with their shared ambition, encapsulated their vision of creating an exceptional IT advisory business catering to small and medium-sized enterprises. StrataNorth was born.

Their approach to building this venture was characterized by methodical precision and deep analytical thinking—nothing was rushed. Julian and Mario shared an unwavering dedication to their work, guided by the principles of “passion, purpose, and pride.” While some may label them perfectionists, their philosophy encompasses a nuanced understanding of doing things right. It is a simple yet profound belief that has been at the core of their successful IT careers.

Their initial exercise was one of introspection and personal exploration. With great thoughtfulness, each crafted a list encompassing their passions, driving forces, and innovative ideas that would define their envisioned company. This exercise laid the foundation for their shared vision and propelled them toward their ultimate goal: to create a company that would redefine the landscape of IT advisory services.

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