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Do you encounter challenges in facilitating smooth collaboration among geographically dispersed teams? Or perhaps you’re looking to foster a more flexible, inclusive, and dynamically collaborative environment? Our Digital Workplace and Collaboration Implementation services are specifically engineered to unify your workforce, regardless of geographical location, and drive productivity throughout your organization.

Materialize Your Vision

for Collaboration.

We recognize that a truly collaborative, digital workplace goes beyond mere technology—it signifies a transformation in how your teams connect and operate. We aid businesses in actualizing a fluid, inclusive, and collaborative workspace by implementing cutting-edge solutions that bridge distances, enhance engagement, and drive productivity across your organization.

Encompass the Essential Components of a Collaborative Workspace

The real test of a digital workplace is its ability to harness the potential of collaborative technologies for business advancement fully. Our focus isn’t limited to implementation but extends to ensuring these tech-enabled changes uplift your team’s collaboration dynamics. We emphasize four key areas of digital workplace solutions.

Unified Communications

We implement unified communications solutions that streamline interaction across your teams, fostering real-time collaboration and quicker decision-making. This convergence of communication methods enhances your workforce’s overall efficiency and productivity.

Social Intranet & Portals

We facilitate the deployment of social intranets and portals, essential tools for enhancing internal communication, knowledge sharing, and employee engagement. These platforms transform your digital workspace into an intuitive, streamlined, and enjoyable environment, thus boosting overall employee satisfaction.

Collaboration Platforms

Our services include implementing comprehensive collaboration platforms and creating a digital environment where teams can share information, collaborate on projects, and innovate effectively. These platforms enhance overall productivity and imbue your organization with the agility needed in today’s fast-paced business world.

Project & Task Management Tools

We integrate advanced project and task management tools to ensure your teams stay organized, focused, and aligned, fostering effective teamwork and improving project outcomes. These tools streamline workflows, provide visibility into task progress, and improve resource management.


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By choosing StrataNorth, you’re trusting a team with a track record of successful implementations crafted to fit specific business needs and industry dynamics. Our solutions ensure that you get the most out of your digital workplace.

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