How we can help

Our consultants can help you develop a sound Digital Transformation Plan that considers the people, processes, and technology with a well-defined roadmap. We will make sure you have the tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of Change Management and empower Cultural Change.

Developing your Digital Transformation Strategy Plan

Has your company invested in implementing new technology and is now faced with the challenge of transforming your workforce? Many organizations assume that by investing in technology that automates and converts manual processes into digital ones, measurable results are given by virtue. Digitization is not the same as digital transformation; the fact is that most of these investments require a well-defined plan.

Our consultants will help you prepare a plan that is custom-tailored to your business with consideration to your business goals, operational needs, and any areas of opportunity. For the plan to be successful, it must guide you through key aspects such as Change Management, Cultural Change, industry best practices, enablement concepts, and practical delivery recommendations.

Navigate Change Management

When you digitize a set of activities or an entire functional role, this can be an alienating experience for employees. Businesses need to ensure the value proposition is clear and the employee can see that their role grows into a more value-add. We can provide management with the tools, approach, and enablement activities to ensure your people can embrace the change. Our approach removes any anxiety by making them part of the change management process and places a heavy focus on realizing skill and talent.

We have found businesses that manage change well do so by designing their Change Management Strategy centered around people. This strategy delivers intended results with intelligent design and purpose. It’s essential to take stock of which skills employees require to adopt new technology while valuing their expertise as part of the strategic design to ensure continued productivity.

Empower Cultural Change

Perhaps your business is experiencing a dramatic shift with the introduction of new technology. With this shift, your Digital Transformation Strategy Plan requires some considerations beyond Change Management. We can help you with the fundamental aspects of Digital Transformation such as Cultural Change and Workforce Diversity.

Our strategy helps guide you and delivers everything you’ll need to empower cultural change throughout your business. We do this by integrating technological change with your existing culture to help employees to learn and become advocates of progress

With our Cultural Change strategy, we can help you fuel a culture of inclusion and develop agility where cross-functional and collaborative teamwork prevails.

Stabilize and Succeed.

Not sure what you need, or aren’t sure where to start? Our Scale solution is perfect for you. We can review your entire business from vision to frontline workers and deliver a plan and roadmap that will prepare you for that sustainable growth. With StrataNorth, you can expect the very best customer service, in-depth analysis, and a world-class experience from start to finish.